Visiting Visa


Be it a business trip, leisure journey, family reunification, medical treatment, or any other reason, foreign nationals from most countries need a visitor visa to visit Canada. Individuals who meet the general eligibility criteria can apply for a visitor visa. Generally, visitors are allowed to stay for up to 6 months at a time. Visitor visas are eligible for extensions in some cases.


  • Scenic Exploration: Discover Canada's stunning landscapes, from national parks to vibrant cities, perfect for nature enthusiasts and urban adventurers.
  • Family and Friends: Visit loved ones residing in Canada, strengthening bonds and creating memorable moments.
  • Tourist Attractions: Explore historic sites, museums, festivals, and cultural experiences, enriching your travel experience.
  • Business Opportunities: Attend conferences, meetings, and trade events, fostering professional growth and collaboration.
  • Educational Pursuits: Explore educational institutions, attend courses, and engage in educational experiences in Canada.
  • Healthcare Access: Benefit from Canada's high-quality healthcare system for medical treatment or consultations.
  • Temporary Work: Some visitors may be eligible for work permits, offering opportunities for temporary employment and professional development.


  • A valid passport
  • Proof of good health
  • No criminal history or immigration-related convictions
  • Proof that you intend on returning to your home country (stating you have ties such as a job, home, financial assets, or family)
  • Proof of funds to sustain you during your stay
  • The intended duration of your stay and temporary residence

Documents Required

  • Passport
  • Digital Photo
  • Financial documents
  • Invitation Letter (If applicable)
  • Supporting documents for ties to home country
  • Educational documents
  • Work Experience

How to Apply

  • Gather Documents
  • Complete the Application Forms
  • Pay the Fee

Application Fee

  • Application Processing fee: CAD 100$
  • Biometrics Fee: CAD 85$