Country:- Canada

Approximately 86% of permanent residents in Canada become citizens, one of the highest percentages among Western countries. When permanent residents become Canadian citizens, both they, and the country benefit. It grants immigrants the right to vote and political influence, and studies indicate that it may boost immigrants' economic chances.

Requirements for becoming a Canadian citizen

Additional requirements might be applicable depending on your case

How to apply

You can apply either online or on paper. Only apply on paper if you are ineligible to apply online. Not both ways. The processing duration is 27 months. This includes the processing of the entire application, citizenship test, interview, and ceremony. If any information, documents, or the fee receipt are missing from the application, it will be returned. If it's completed, you will receive an email confirmation letter and processing will start.

Canadian Citizenship Test

Adults between 18-54 must sit for an examination and appear for the interview mandatorily. Adults above 55 need not sit for examination. The test will ask questions about citizens' rights, duties, and responsibilities, as well as the geography, history, economy, laws, government, and symbols of the country. The exam is administered in either English or French and lasts 30 minutes with a maximum of twenty questions (15 correct answers grant you a pass mark). You will be required to answer multiple-choice true/false questions as well as questions based on the Discover Canada official citizenship study guide. The exam may be given orally, but it is typically written.

There are some other criteria for some other categories/age group. Reach out to us to know more about your requirements.

The Oath of Citizenship

This is the final stage in the process of becoming a Canadian citizen. The celebrations take place all around Canada and at all times of the year. Throughout Citizenship Week and Canada Day, special ceremonies are held.

Benefits of Canadian citizenship

Aside from the security and pride that comes with citizenship, there are other benefits that PRs do not have access to: