Everything has a first time, landing in a new country is never easy. You might be confused and it probably feels like being a fish that is out of water. We got you! KGraph settlement services help you to find the best services in Airport pickups, home rentals, phone connections and more for an affordable price. The settlement procedures are naturally tough on a foreign land. You might never know how much to spend on a certain something because you are new to society. We will guide you through all that. Accommodation is something that is really important for international students and immigrants. Finding a good shelter that is affordable and safe can be a bit difficult since it’s a new place for you. We keep a constant check on all the affordable places and will guide you in all the rental procedures.

Once you’re in Canada, it’s essential for you to have a part-time job. You probably have to knock doors to get a good one, but once you get it, you could meet all your daily expenses by doing so. Students can pay their tuition fees and support themselves. It is really a good thing to have a part-time job in Canada. Having a part-time job makes you independent and if you have a habit of saving money, then you can plan for exploring the beauty of Canada while on vacation. It not only takes care of your daily expenses but also gives you the exposure that will help you in the long run. You learn to be independent wherever life takes you. Well, finding a part-time job is easy, but finding a job that suits you might be difficult. You never know which job suits your skillset. KGraph will guide you in finding the best job that is suitable for your nature. Our well-experienced consultants will rule out all the possibility of fraud activities regarding the job and will make it totally secure for you. We will make sure that you are comfortable with it. All the guidance will be provided regarding your part-time job. 

Professional consultants at KGraph Immigration Consultancy are well aware of all the crucial details which will help you relax once you’re here. Proper guidance will be given from the moment you land in Canada. From picking you up at the airport to your place of residence, all the guidance will be provided. KGraph takes the settlement services as an important responsibility because we aim at keeping our clients comfortable. Your comfort matters a lot to us and we will make sure that you feel at home once you’re here. Our consultants will always be available for any queries regarding your settlement. KGraph is just a call away.