The CAIPS Notes (Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System) are electronic notes containing visa application information. The CIC, or Canadian High Commission, maintains accurate records of the applicants' information. The CAIPS keeps track of work in the event that an application is denied. You can learn about the reasons why the authorities rejected your application by reading the notes. Consider the case of a student who has applied for a visa. A student can understand where his or her application is lacking by looking at the notes. Applicants can make an attempt to keep the file up to date. Furthermore, the notes will aid in providing adequate justification for the denial. It will assist you in understanding your areas of improvements and will help you improve your visa acquiring chances. The following will be included:


It could be different depending on the workload at the CIC office in Ottawa that handles CAIPS requests. They usually have up to 30 working days to respond, although most files are currently returned in roughly 5-6 weeks.

CAIPS notes are useful if you are rejected and plan to appeal your visa application since you can examine the 'transcript' of the interview and the reasons the immigration officer offered for rejecting the application.