IAD Appels


The Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) is responsible for adjudicating appeals related to immigration issues, which encompass sponsorships, removal orders, and residency requirements. Simply put, you can appeal against the decision on your application

  1. If your application to sponsor a close relative has been refused
  2. If you have been found to not have met your permanent residency obligations
  3. If a removal order has been issued against you.

An appeal is permissible when the decision being contested was incorrect either in terms of legal interpretation or factual assessment, in instances where a fundamental principle of natural justice was violated (such as the right to a fair hearing or impartial adjudication), or in certain situations, based on humanitarian and compassionate grounds. As the first step, you must file the notice of appeal form. After your case is assessed, you will proceed for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) or a hearing.


Sponsorship appeal


Removal order appeal


Residency obligation appeal


Who is ineligible to apply?

Appeals for sponsorship are not available to individuals who have been deemed inadmissible to Canada due to:

Negative Decision (for all categories):If the appeal is rejected, the sponsor has the option to challenge the Immigration Appeal Division's (IAD) decision by seeking permission from the Federal Court to initiate a judicial review of the IAD's ruling.


Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) refers to the process of attempting to settle an immigration dispute without the need for a formal hearing. The primary objective is to efficiently, expeditiously, and fairly resolve the appeal.

An Alternative Dispute Resolution conference is essentially a meeting that is less lengthy and less formal compared to a traditional hearing. ADR conferences can be scheduled more promptly than formal hearings. If your appeal can be successfully resolved through this method, you may avoid the necessity of undergoing a hearing.

It's important to note that not all appeals are suitable for Alternative Dispute Resolution. The Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) will only opt for an ADR conference when it believes there is a possibility of resolving the appeal without proceeding to a full hearing.