Country:- Canada

Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) Appeals

What is an IAD appeal?

The Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) hears immigration-related issues such as sponsorships, removal orders, and residency obligations. The scenarios are as follows:

Need for IAD

The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) of Canada allows an appeal to the IAD in order to:

The IAD hears cases on the following issues:

You must acquire leave after the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) has evaluated your documentation in order for them to review your judgement. During this stage of the rocedure, you must show the IAD that an error was made or that the judgement was unfair or unreasonable in some way. Once leave has been granted, you and your immigration attorney can appear before the IAD to explain your reasons for appealing.

Sponsorship Appeals

Residency Obligation Appeals

Requests to fly back to Canada for the hearing

Permanent residents who do not meet the residence criteria may request a travel document throughout the 60-day appeal period, even if they have not filed an appeal. Even if they have not yet filed an appeal, people in this position would be able to enter Canada during the 60-day appeal period. The port of entry will notify the hearings office in such circumstances. Hearings offices should keep an eye on the file to see if an appeal is filed. If an appeal is not submitted within 60 days, the matter should be referred to the CBSA for review.

If an appellant is not qualified for a travel document under A31(3)(c), they must apply to the IAD for permission to return to Canada for their hearing [IAD rule 46(1)].

Applications must be filed with the IAD and the Minister no later than 60 days after the notice of appeal is filed.